More about The Miracles and Parables of Jesus Christ Project

In November of 2009, Vine Street Baptist Church was honored to be a part of Dr. Myung “Johann” Kim’s dissertation, The Miracles and Parables of Jesus Christ. As previously discussed, several members of VSBC were involved in the project and original presentation of the program.  During a recent worship service, Kim told of how the contribution of one member, Bob Meek, continues to live on even after his death. Bob Meek was asked to be the narrator for the formal performance, which was recorded in video and audio format.  Little did anyone know then, this would be one of the last major events Bob participated.

Dr. Kim’s original concept was that the musical score could be played or performed while anyone speaking any language reads the accompanying scripture.  The audio recordings could then be given away on CDs for free. The CDs include the original audio files in English, as well as another set of audio recordings with passages being read in a variety of different languages. To date, the CD has been recorded in 12 of different languages and distributed in the USA, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Haiti, Egypt, Indonesia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.  The actual number of countries is not known as people copy the CD and take them to places far and wide.

On a recent trip to a foreign country, Dr. Kim took 100 copies of The Miracles and Parables of Jesus Christ with additional Chinese and Korean language recordings.  People listened in their native language, then were able to listen to the English version and learn from it.  Dr. Kim said that all 100 copies were distributed and people were asking for more. Permission was granted for copies of the CDs to be freely made.

Dr. Kim also testified that many people receiving the CDs in all sorts of different countries were accepting Jesus as their Savoir. This is the primary purpose of this project. From the beginning, Dr. Kim wrote the program with spreading the gospel and love of God to others. This is being accomplished through these recordings, which include our dear friend, Bob Meek.

You can learn more about The Miracles and Parables of Jesus Christ by visiting the dedicated page on the New Praise website or Dr. Kim’s YouTube page.